Med School Form Reviews

Med School Form Reviews cost $50 (plus $25 per additional form if applicable) and these consults will be done with our Medical Director, Dr. Suni Boraston.


Please have the following prepared prior to your appointment:

1) Print out all forms and bring them in (the forms need to be stamped so online forms do not work).

2) Bring in all the vaccination records you have.

3) Start filling out the forms if you are sure of what you have had.


Note: If you require TB testing, please do not get a live vaccine (Flumist, MMR, CPox, or Yellow Fever vaccine) within 4 weeks of your appointment. We can schedule the vaccines here if they are needed.



For a “Med School Form Review” appointment, call us at 604-736-9244 or email us at Calling is the fastest way to book in.
Our phone lines are open Monday – Friday from 8:30am – 5pm.

Please ensure that you show up on time or we will have to reschedule your appointment.