Quadrivalent (4 Strain) Flu Vaccine ($25 at the VCH Travel Clinic)

What is the quadrivalent flu vaccine?

The quadrivalent (four strain) flu vaccine gives protection against 4 strains of flu. The publicly funded vaccine for adults gives protection against 3 strains of flu only. Adding another B virus, 4th strain, to the vaccine gives broader protection against circulating flu viruses.

Who can get the quadrivalent flu vaccine?

Influenza B cases tend to be higher among older children and young adults. Public Health offers all healthy children six to 59 months and those two to 17 years old with chronic health conditions free four strain flu vaccines. For those who qualify for the free vaccine, you can get the vaccine at a local VCH Public Health Clinic.

The VCH Travel Clinic is using purchased quadrivalent vaccine and charges $25 to those wishing to receive this vaccine. You can book an appointment by calling 604-736-9244.

Should adults 65 years and older get the quadrivalent flu vaccine?

The three strain vaccine is still the recommended choice for seniors 65 and older (even though it only covers three strains). The three strain flu vaccine (Flu-ad) for people aged over 65 years contains an adjuvant designed to stimulate a greater immune response.


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What is the VCH Travel Clinic?

The VCH Travel Clinic is a cost-recovery clinic — meaning any money that does not go towards overhead costs, goes back into Public Health. The clinic has also been designated as the Centre of Excellence in Travel Medicine for B.C. The VCH Travel Clinic is the only true “one-stop shop” that provides prescriptions, health advice, vaccine recommendations, and immunizations tailored to people’s medical history and travel itinerary (all in one place). The clinic also offers travel products including:

  • bed bug spray
  • traveler’s diarrhea capsules
  • mosquito nets/sprays
  • water purification supplies

Clinic locations

The clinic is located in Vancouver and operates a satellite clinic in Richmond.

More information

If you have questions, feel free to call us at 604.736.9244 or email us at travel.clinic@vch.ca.

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