Yellow Fever Vaccine – Global Shortage

Global Shortage

There is a worldwide shortage of yellow fever (YF) vaccine. There is only one licensed supplier of the vaccine in Canada and all travel clinics are being allotted a small fraction of their usual doses.

*See a list of Airport Vaccination Centers offering Yellow Fever vaccine

Fractional Doses

In June 2016, the world Health Organization (WHO) released a statement that the use of 1/5 of a standard vaccine dose (fractional dose) would provide protection against yellow fever for at least 12 months. This fractional dose of YF vaccine does not get recorded on an International Certificate of Vaccine Prophylaxis (ICVP- the yellow certificate) and it is only protective for one year.

In order to extend our vaccine supplies and protect the maximum number of travellers, we will be administering fractional doses to all travellers who are going to countries where vaccine is recommended and required. Everyone receiving a fractional dose of yellow fever vaccine will also receive a Yellow Fever Fractional Vaccine certificate stating that due to a vaccine shortage, a fractional dose has been administered. This certificate should meet entry requirements for all countries. Booking these fractional doses is a challenge as once opened the vial must be used within an hour. We therefore have had to price fractional doses in a way we can recoup the cost of the vaccine as we are often unable to use the full vial.

Book an appointment

As with all YF vaccine appointments, it is mandatory to have a consult with one of our doctors first to ascertain that this vaccine is safe for you to receive.

Book your appointment today by calling 604.736.9244.

What is the VCH Travel Clinic?

The VCH Travel Clinic is a cost-recovery clinic — meaning any money that does not go towards overhead costs, goes back into Public Health. The clinic has also been designated as the Centre of Excellence in Travel Medicine for B.C. The VCH Travel Clinic is the only true “one-stop shop” that provides prescriptions, health advice, vaccine recommendations, and immunizations tailored to people’s medical history and travel itinerary (all in one place). The clinic also offers travel products including:

  • bed bug spray
  • traveler’s diarrhea capsules
  • mosquito nets/sprays
  • water purification supplies

Clinic locations

The clinic is located in Vancouver and operates a satellite clinic in Richmond.

More information

If you have questions, feel free to call us at 604.736.9244 or email us at

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