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Whistleblower policy

The Whistleblower policy allows people to bring forward information about wrongdoing by Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) staff, in good faith and without fear of reprisal. It also ensures a fair and timely investigation process into reports of wrongdoing.

Conflict of interest policy

The conflict of interest policy helps to identify conflicts of interest and provides a procedure to appropriately manage conflicts in accordance with legal requirements and the goals of accountability and transparency in VCH’s operations.

Standards of conduct

The standards of conduct provide VCH staff with guidance on appropriate conduct, in addition to any other professional code of ethics or standards of practice to which they are bound.

Guidelines for public interactions with VCH social media

The guidelines are intended to help use social media safely and responsibly, and align with our policy on social media, websites and online communication.

Privacy-related policies

Board of Directors policies and guidelines

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Financial accountability

Learn about the financial resources we use to meet our goals, maintain our health services and develop new and innovative services.

Quality care

When it comes to health care, it's the experience that counts. See how we're driving positive changes and enabling better experiences for all.