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We want to hear your story

Across the region, more than 14,000 staff serve over 1.25 million people in acute and community settings such as hospitals, community health centres, Urgent and Primary Care Centers, and long-term care homes in Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH).

It would mean a lot to hear about your experience getting care and about how you are doing now. Patient stories are impactful ways to help express gratitude, guide every day practices and influence change.

We invite you to share your recovery story with the team that provided care to you.

Every patient story is inspiring, healing and uniting. Every story helps shine a light on the purpose, impact and hope in delivering excellent care.

Share your story with VCH

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can participate?

    You are invited to share your story if you received care in a VCH care setting. We encourage and appreciate hearing from people from Indigenous cultures and communities, with different abilities, cultures and languages and of all sexual orientation and gender identities.

  • How can I share my story?

    There are many ways for you to tell us about your care experience at VCH and, if you wish, to submit photos of yourself, including:

    • Online: On your computer, phone or tablet, answer these four questions.
    • Email: Write and send your story to with the subject line "My story."
    • In-person/phone: Contact to book time with a patient experience leader in person or via phone. Interpreters can be available.
    • Mail: Write and send your story to: Patient Experience, Vancouver Coastal Health, 380-855 West 12th Ave, Vancouver BC
  • What happens after you submit your experience?

    With your consent, we will share your story with the teams that look after you. Your story may also be shared in VCH materials and platforms such as presentation, websites and social media channels.

  • How is this different than sharing a review on Google?

    This is your personal recovery story that you choose to share with the team(s) that cared for you. Your story could include information about your health care journey, how you are now after care and what and who helped you recover. This is not a rating of service or care.

  • How does VCH maintain my privacy?

    Your confidentiality will be respected. Your contact information will not be released without your consent and will be stored on a password-protected computer database that can be accessed only by the teams supporting this project.

More information

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