Former resident at Little Mountain Place takes part in the long-term care home’s 2022 Pride celebration

Bruce, a former resident of Little Mountain Place, is wearing face makeup.

Little Mountain Place is a long-term care home in Vancouver that has been working to ensure all residents feel safe to express who they are.

Living as your whole self is important in all stages of life. During Pride Month and every month, we believe that all clients, residents, and patients should feel they can be their true selves, knowing they will be embraced and celebrated.

“When one of our residents shared that they were part of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, we knew this was an opportunity to learn more about inclusion," said Sandra Lee, Senior Manager at Little Mountain Place. 

Bruce, a former resident of Little Mountain Place, shares the journey to becoming comfortable with expressing who they are. “When I first came to long-term care, I worried I’d have to go back into the closet. Would it be safe to be who I am?” explained Bruce. “It took a lot for me to accept this place. But over time, I began to trust certain people to share my story. The staff really made an effort to learn and celebrate 2SLGBTQAI+ expression and identity. Their support means the world to me,” they added.

The BC SUPPORT Unit, which is part of Michael Smith Health Research BC, and a researcher at the University of British Columbia recently led development of the "Diversity Tapestry" to help foster safe and inclusive environments in long-term care.

The project team engaged with staff at long-term care homes, including Little Mountain Place, to identify residents interested in participating in the project. The tool summarizes resources on inclusion for care homes in B.C. These include best practices, testimonials, and case studies. Staff and residents at Little Mountain Place also collaborated with the research team on a video that shared their work to build an inclusive home. It featured Bruce sharing their story and participating in Little Mountain Place's first Pride celebration.

Equity, diversity and inclusion at Little Mountain Place long-term care home

Little Mountain Place continues to work to become a safer and more welcoming space for all. 

We are saddened to share that Bruce passed away in May. Bruce was aware and proud that we would be sharing this story.  We thank Bruce for sharing this journey and for the lasting legacy they left through their courage.

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