Supporting health care and the Richmond Hospital Redevelopment Project

Kami Randhawa, Senior Project Manager at the Richmond Community of Care Project Management Office.

​​​Kami Randhawa is a Senior Project Manager at the Richmond Community of Care Project Management Office. This year, she supported relocating teams from Richmond Hospital to the community, freeing up essential clinical space for the Richmond Hospital Redevelopment Project. A helper by nature, Kami takes pride in her contribution to VCH’s largest capital redevelopment project. This is her story.​

From orchards to Gantt charts

I grew up in a close-knit community in Osoyoos (Okanagan Valley). My family were orchard farmers and entrepreneurs and our days were filled tending to our cherry, peach and apple orchards. The demanding work taught me to appreciate a fast-paced lifestyle, which eventually drew me to the city.​

After spending some time in Kelowna, I moved to Vancouver to complete my degree in biochemistry. Initially, I pursued a career in pharmacy and lab services, but quickly realized it wasn’t the right path. So, I shifted and began working on health care projects in different roles and haven’t looked back. 

I always knew that I wanted to be part of health care. Being a project manager working closely with clinical teams has given me the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on patient care. ​

​Richmond Hospital Redevelopment Project

One of the major projects I have been involved in is essential enabling work for the Richmond Hospital Redevelopment Project. As part of this phase, several teams needed to be relocated either within the hospital or to offsite locations. I supported the move of the Noakes Maternity Clinic and Outpatient Pediatric Clinic to #600 – 6091 Gilbert Rd, as well as the Richmond Early Childhood Mental Health Program to #620 - 8100 Granville Ave. These teams now occupy newly renovated spaces that offer more room and natural light – changes they are very happy about.

​In designing the Noakes Maternity and Outpatient Pediatric Clinic, we created an additional exam room for future growth. We also preserved a piece of history by relocating the wooden playhouse from its original spot and integrating it into the new space.

Another strategic move we made was bringing together the Early Childhood Mental Health Program and the existing Richmond Child Mental Health Program into the same space. This co-location aims to foster a seamless continuity of care and enhance accessibility for patients and their families. With both programs now on the same floor, along with additional mental health services nearby, team collaboration has improved.

Our work did not end with the relocation of these teams. We continue to provide support as they adjust to their new spaces, ensuring a smooth transition and their overall well-being.

What drives me is my passion for helping people.

Every day at Richmond Hospital, I am inspired by the commitment and camaraderie among all of the teams. The kindness, support, and willingness to assist one another makes it a truly wonderful community. Contributing to such a significant hospital redevelopment project has been an absolute honour for me, and I can’t wait for the construction of the new tower.

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