What goes up, must come down: crane demobilization at Paul Myers Tower


After towering over the construction site of the future Paul Myers Tower at Lions Gate Hospital, the crane finally came down marking a significant milestone for the project after months of significant progress. The crane has been a fixture at the hospital for the past year hoisting important materials over 150 feet to support significant structural wor​k.

The critical process of crane demobilization​​​

Taking down a crane poses a unique set of challenges requiring careful planning and coordination. A team of skilled technicians worked diligently to dismantle the crane piece by piece, ensuring the safety of worker and the surrounding environment. Traffic diversions were put in place to accommodate the removal and minimize disruptions to daily commuters and Lions Gate Hospital staff, patients and visitors.

 “The crane coming down, signifies a major milestone and we are proud of the hard work and commitment shown by the PCL Team," - Project manager, Kyle Gondos.

Last year, the Lions Gate Hospital Redevelopment Team held a “Name the Crane" contest where Lions Gate Hospital staff family under the age of 12 entered a contest to name the crane. The winner of the contest titled the crane, Cranium and was awarded their name to be displayed on a banner on the side of the crane facing 13th Street.