Your Winter Health: A Priority at Vancouver Coastal Health

An illustration showing a scene of a town during winter

With winter upon us, Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) reminds you that staying healthy and safe during the colder months is paramount. From the risks of the common cold to the hazards of icy sidewalks, the season brings a unique set of health challenges.

Staying ahead of winter's challenges

Prevention is crucial for navigating winter health risks. On our dedicated Winter Care web pages, you'll find a wealth of tips to keep you safe and healthy—whether it’s staying up-to-date with vaccinations or advice on avoiding common winter injuries or ailments. 

Active living in winter

Winter doesn’t mean staying indoors. We encourage you to enjoy the outdoors, whether through winter sports or a simple walk for fresh air, while staying safe. Remember to gear up properly, check conditions before heading out and take precautions against slippery surfaces to prevent falls. 

Accessing the right care

Knowing where to go for medical care is essential. Whether it’s a routine issue for your family doctor, a prescription refill or treatment for a minor ailment at your local pharmacy, or an urgent matter that requires an emergency room visit, seeking the right care at the right time is crucial for your needs. 

We care for everyone

VCH is dedicated to prompt, quality care for every patient. We have ensured that our winter health resources are accessible in seven languages, including Arabic, Farsi, Punjabi, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Traditional Chinese and Vietnamese. We provide multilingual services across all health-care facilities, and we are committed to providing culturally safe care to Indigenous patients. 

More information

For more winter health and wellness tips, and the most current information on health-care services in your area, visit By following this practical advice, you can help ensure your well-being and that of the broader community. 
Together, let’s do our part to ensure a safe and healthy winter season.