Squamish Nation

The total area of Squamish (pronounced SKWA-mish) Nation Traditional Territory is 6,732 square kilometres (673,200 hectares). Squamish territory encompasses Vancouver to Gibsons to the area north of Whistler. The Nation consists of 23 reserves that comprise 0.3% of their traditional territory, allocated under the Indian Act by the federal government.

Squamish lands are laden with mythology, place names and ancient history. Their stories recount catalysts of change from creation stories, first ancestors, megafauna, ice ages and great floods, including contact with European settlers.


“Land acknowledgements are important in recognizing Canada's attempt to alienate and marginalize Indigenous people from their homelands to make way for settlers. Indigenous people have been invisible in their own lands, thereby recognizing First Nations' connection to these lands is an act of reconciliation. In committing to this act we can celebrate our shared journey."

Chief Ian Campbell, Squamish Nation


Squamish Nation