VCH Travel Clinic price list

Travel assessment required for MMR vaccine

The MMR vaccine is available at the Travel Clinic only if you get a travel assessment, which costs $65 per person.

Vaccine appointments can be booked at local pharmacies for individuals ages 4 and older and are also available at walk-in clinics and many primary care offices. Please call ahead to check on vaccine availability. Please click here for pharmacies

For families with children, please contact your Public Health Unit.

Complete list of appointment and vaccine prices for the VCH Travel Clinic. Appointment costs do not include the price of vaccines.

Appointment costs

**Prices are subject to change without notice**

Prices do not include the price of vaccines.



Travel Assessments
1-2 people
$65 per person plus the cost of vaccines 

Travel Assessments
3 or more people
*Same trip & same appointment

$55 per person plus the cost of vaccines 

Virtual (Phone/Email) Travel Assessment
*Select days 

$75 per person plus the cost of vaccines 

Immunization Review 
*Select days 

$65 includes form completion 

Nurse Only Vaccinations

Your first visit admin fee: $25

Returning visits: cost of vaccines only

TB Skin Tests 
*Requires 2 appointments

$80 total


Vaccine costs

**Prices are subject to change without notice**



Traveller’s Diarrhea/Cholera

Initial: 2 doses: $150
Booster dose: $75


Flu – High Dose Fluzone

*60 yrs and up
*Waitlist is now open; call to be added 


Hepatitis A - Children 6 months to 18 years
*2-dose series

$60 per dose

Hepatitis A - Adults 19 years and older
*2-dose series

$80 per dose

Hepatitis B
*3-dose series

$50 per dose

Herpes Zoster/Shingles
*2-dose series

$175 per dose

Human Papilloma Virus - 9 strains
*3-dose series

$225 per dose

Japanese Encephalitis

$230 per dose

Meningococcal Meningitis - Groups A, C, Y, W-135


Meningococcal Meningitis - Group B
2-3 doses depending on age

$160 per dose



*3-dose series

$250 per dose

Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis - Whooping cough


Hepatitis A and B
*3-dose series
*Adults 19 years & older

$90 per dose

Typhoid - injectable

Typhoid - oral $75 
Yellow Fever $210    
Consultation required

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)

60 Years and up 

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