Parking during ongoing construction

We are committed to ensuring minimal disruption during ongoing construction on our campus.

Do not park in designated construction zones. Certain areas have been temporarily blocked off for construction, as indicated above.

The parkade is only accessible via the Gilbert Rd entrance. See the entry point in the image above.

Paid parking remains in effect.

Continue to park in areas clearly designated for patient parking, including our parkade. These spaces are reserved to ensure you have easy access to the hospital.

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Family-centred maternity care for those who plan to give birth at Richmond Hospital. Our Birth Centre features 15 single-room maternity care (SRMC) rooms, a maternity-specific operating room, a post-surgery recovery area and an area with three outpatient assessment bays.

How to access

  • Learn more about your birth journey and the Richmond Hospital Birth Centre on the Richmond Birth Centre website

    Learn more about Richmond Birth Centre on the Richmond Birth Centre website. Resources on this website are also available in Mandarin and Cantonese.

Hours of operation

Currently open

We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Visiting hours may vary depending on the unit. Please call the Richmond Hospital main line at (604) 278-9711 to determine visiting times before your visit.

Parking & Transportation

The emergency department entrance is on Gilbert Road.

Two designated electric vehicle charging stations are available for patients and visitors on the ground floor on the parkade. Charging is available for a maximum of four hours per visit. Please review our electric vehicle charging station etiquette for more information.

Download parking rates for VCH facilities

Richmond Hospital Birth Centre tour

Video tours and information

    • Richmond Hospital Birth Centre video tour

    • Birth Centre video tour - Mandarin Version

      列治文醫院婦產科中心介紹. 第一個短片 (總共五段)Mandarin Version國語版

    • Birth Centre video tour - Cantonese Version

      列治文醫院婦產科中心介紹. 第一個短片 (總共五段)Cantonese version 粵語版

    • Richmond Hospital Birth Centre: Baby is coming

    • Baby is coming - Mandarin Version

      列治文醫院婦產科中心介紹: 寶寶來臨. 第二個短片 (總共五段)Mandarin Version 國語版

    • Baby is coming - Cantonese Version

      列治文醫院婦產科中心介紹: 寶寶來臨. 第二個短片 (總共五段)Cantonese version粵語版

    • Richmond Hospital Birth Centre: During labour

    • During labour - Mandarin Version

      列治文醫院婦產科中心介紹: 分娩時. 第三個短片 (總共五段)Mandarin Version 國語版

    • During labour - Cantonese Version

      列治文醫院婦產科中心介紹: 分娩時. 第三個短片 (總共五段)Cantonese version粵語版

    • Baby is born video

      Richmond Hospital Birth Centre: Baby is born

    • Baby is born - Mandarin Version

      列治文醫院婦產科中心介紹: 寶寶出生. 第四個短片 (總共五段)Mandarin Version 國語版

    • Baby is born - Cantonese version

      列治文醫院婦產科中心介紹: 寶寶出生. 第四個短片 (總共五段)Cantonese version粵語版

    • Richmond Hospital Birth Centre: Before you leave

    • Before you leave - Mandarin Version

      列治文醫院婦產科中心介紹: 離院前. 第五個短片 (總共五段)Mandarin Version 國語版

    • Before you leave - Cantonese Version

      列治文醫院婦產科中心介紹: 離院前. 第五個短片 (總共五段)Cantonese version粵語版

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