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Emergency mental health services

Dial 1-800-784-2433 to connect to the provincial mental health crisis line, 24/7.

Call 1-800-SUICIDE to connect to a network of crisis lines, including a dedicated seniors’ distress line.

The Coastal region

The Coastal region includes the following communities: Kimsquit, Klemtu, Lions Bay, Lund, Madeira Park, Mount Currie, Namu, Nimpo Lake, North Vancouver, Ocean Falls, Pemberton, Port Mellon, Powell River, Roberts Creek, Sechelt, Squamish, Van Anda, Waglisla, West Vancouver, Whistler.

Not in the Coastal region?

Visit our community pages for Richmond and Vancouver. 

Services in Richmond  Services in Vancouver

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Pharmacy services

See a local pharmacist for prescription refills and treatment for contraceptives and minor ailments like allergies, cold sores, mild acne, pink eye and urinary tract infections. With easier access and less time waiting, you can feel better quicker.

See a local pharmacist

Mental health services

    • Central Intake

      Our Central Intake Team is here to offer information and help connect you to the mental health service that will best meet your needs.

    • Youth Urgent Response Team

      Provides short-term crisis, bridging and case management support to youth who are in crisis and/or not connected to other longer-term programs.

    • Carlile Youth Concurrent Disorders Centre

      The Carlile Youth Concurrent Disorders Centre supports youth 13 – 18 years of age who are experiencing combined mental health and problematic substance use concerns.

    • Magnolia House

      A community-based mental health facility that provides short-term psychiatric emergency and crisis intervention.

    • Older Adult Mental Health Team

      Provide mental health services to senior clients with cognitive decline due to aging-related conditions.

    • Older Adult Mental Health & Substance Use Central Intake Line

      Provides a central access point for older adults on the North Shore to access mental health and substance use services.

    • Psychiatric Emergency Assessment & Triage

      A space in an Emergency Department (ED) for assessing and triaging ED clients who present with mental health and/or substance use conditions.

    • Mental Health and Substance Use Services at Whistler Health Care Centre

      Offers information and helps connect you to a mental health and substance use service that will best meet your needs. Our team provides accessible, compassionate, client-centred care to individuals, groups and the community.

    • Mental Health and Addiction Services at Powell River Community Health Centre

      Mental health and substance use services provide outpatient individual and group counselling for people with mental health or substance use issues.

    • Virtual Foundry Drop-in Counselling

      Foundry Virtual BC offers virtual counselling sessions by video, audio and chat options to young people ages 12-24 and their caregivers.

Substance use services

    • Stepping Stones Substance Use Services

      Provides easy and quick access to treatments for adults who are struggling with problematic substance use or concurrent mental health and substance use issues.

    • ACCESS Central - detox referral line

      A phone line providing access to withdrawal management (detox).

    • Family support at HOpe Centre

      Provides drop-in family therapist appointments for families seeking support and education through the HOpe Centre.

Community Ambulatory and Home-based Care Services

    • Home and community care access line

      If you wish to arrange for home and community care services, the first step is to contact the home and community care access line.

Palliative care services

    • North Shore Palliative Access Line

      If you wish to arrange for palliative care services, your first step is to speak with your care provider or contact us for more specialized services.

    • Home-based Palliative Care

      Home-based palliative care and be arranged through the home and community care access line

More services in the Coastal region.

For a full list of VCH services in your community, visit our find a location page.